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Make Calls for Bob Cohen from Home!

Fellow YR's who would like to help Bob Cohen in his run for New York State Senate can do so easily from the comfort of their own home!

Even if you can only do this for a half hour, every call helps.  And the process is painless!  Every small effort will push Cohen towards victory in a big way!

Just follow these easy steps on a forum called Call Fire.

1.   Go to http://www.callfire.com

2.   Click the “Agents” tab on the top right

3.   Enter campaign name/ID (type in Cohen and choose the one that says BobCohen with a couple digits following

4.   Enter your phone number (LAN line phone number preferred to avoid service interruptions) *your personal number will not appear on caller ID instead the campaign number will appear to protect your privacy.

5.   Enter your e-mail address (this is solely to keep track of who is making the phone calls. They will not spam you)

6.   Select “Hold Music” 

7.   Click next, be ready to receive an inbound call on your handset

8.   Answer the incoming call and press # 

9. Type your AGENTID (which the machine is dictating) on the field provided on your computer and click login

10.    The system will begin making calls

IMPORTANT: If you get an answering machine please wait until you hear the beep and press smart drop. After pressing smart drop press next call and the system will begin dialing again.


If you would like any more information as to how you can help, or any questions in regards to Call Fire please contact:


Adelinny Plaza- Volunteer Coordinator



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