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Media Recaping the VP Debate

Peggy Noonan, former Reagan speechwriter, believes the debate was a draw on substance, but a victory for Congressman Ryan on style:

The debate, obviously, was the Republican versus the Democrat, a particular kind of conservative versus a particular kind of liberal, one philosophical approach versus another. Beyond that there was some iconic weight to it. It was age versus youth; full, white-haired man versus lean, black-haired man. Youth is energy—new ideas and new ways. But age can stand for experience, wisdom. Youth can seem callow, confident only because it is uninformed. But age can seem reactionary, resistant to change in part because change carries a rebuke: You and your friends have been doing things wrong, we need a new approach...

...There were fireworks all the way, and plenty of drama. Each candidate could claim a win in one area or another, but by the end it looked to me like this: For the second time in two weeks, the Democrat came out and defeated himself. In both cases the Republican was strong and the Democrat somewhat disturbing.

Another way to say it is the old man tried to patronize the kid and the kid stood his ground. The old man pushed, and the kid pushed back.

Fred Barnes from the Weekly Standard offers up his opinion that Vice President Biden blew it:

You don’t win a nationally televised debate by being rude and obnoxious.  You don’t win by interrupting your opponent time after time after time or by being a blowhard.  You don’t win with facial expressions, especially smirks or fake laughs, or by pretending to be utterly exasperated with what your opponent is saying...

...There’s one person who should be delighted with Biden. That’s Al Gore. He had the honor of having delivered the most over the top and weird performance in a presidential campaign debate when he sighed and frowned and acted frustrated in his first debate with George W. Bush in 2000. Now Biden has taken that crown—or dunce cap—from Gore.        

Chris Wallace from Fox News thought that Biden was disrespectful:

"I don't believe I've ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan tonight," Wallace said.

He added: "It was openly contemptuous and disrespectful."

Jocelyn Noveck of the AP had the best description of Biden:

This time, they didn't need Big Bird.

Because really, who needed a "Sesame Street" character to grab all the post-debate attention when there was Joe Biden's smile- or laugh, chuckle, grimace, grin, smirk, or "goofy face," according to various descriptions?

My thoughts were that Vice President Biden look like the Joker:

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Make Calls for Bob Cohen from Home!

Fellow YR's who would like to help Bob Cohen in his run for New York State Senate can do so easily from the comfort of their own home!

Even if you can only do this for a half hour, every call helps.  And the process is painless!  Every small effort will push Cohen towards victory in a big way!

Just follow these easy steps on a forum called Call Fire.

1.   Go to http://www.callfire.com

2.   Click the “Agents” tab on the top right

3.   Enter campaign name/ID (type in Cohen and choose the one that says BobCohen with a couple digits following

4.   Enter your phone number (LAN line phone number preferred to avoid service interruptions) *your personal number will not appear on caller ID instead the campaign number will appear to protect your privacy.

5.   Enter your e-mail address (this is solely to keep track of who is making the phone calls. They will not spam you)

6.   Select “Hold Music” 

7.   Click next, be ready to receive an inbound call on your handset

8.   Answer the incoming call and press # 

9. Type your AGENTID (which the machine is dictating) on the field provided on your computer and click login

10.    The system will begin making calls

IMPORTANT: If you get an answering machine please wait until you hear the beep and press smart drop. After pressing smart drop press next call and the system will begin dialing again.


If you would like any more information as to how you can help, or any questions in regards to Call Fire please contact:


Adelinny Plaza- Volunteer Coordinator



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State of the Economy

Looks like former GE CEO, Jack Welch, may be correct about the faulty jobs report from last week.

CNBC reports that jobless claims are sliding, import prices are rising and that the trade gap is up!  This does not point towards a strong economy:

The number of Americans seeking unemployment aid plummeted to 339,000 last week, the lowest level in more than four years. The sharp drop offered a hopeful sign that the job market could pick up.

The Labor Department said weekly applications fell by 30,000 to the lowest level since February 2008. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, dropped by 11,500 to 364,000, a six-month low.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis breaks down their perspective on the actual unemployment rate, which is much higher than the Labor Department's stats from last Friday:

Some people in school may want part-time work, but not full-time work.  Others may be working part-time but want a full-time jobs. I would track those categories as follows.

  • U1: Those who want a full time job, are able to work, but are not working.
  • U2: U1 + Those who want a part-time job, are able to work, but are not working.
  • U3: U2 +  Those working part-time who want a full-time job

In my scheme of things, U2 would be the official unemployment rate. Those in school for economic reasons instead of working full-time would fall in the U1 category. My U3 would pick up under-employment.

So what would the "Mish Unemployment" number be?

The answer is the current U5 (9.3%) plus those in school for economic reasons, plus those in forced retirement, etc. I do not have a count of that precisely, but judging from those who dropped out of the labor force, I suspect it would be on the order of 10% to 12% but perhaps a bit higher.

Add in those working part-time for economic reasons "My U3 number" and you are perhaps at 17%.

Those unemployment numbers would be similar to the unemployment numbers in the 1930's.  The state of the economy is not sound.

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White House Asked Isn't Obama The One Who Shot First, Aimed Later on Libya?

The press is finally bringing it to the White House over the Libyan coverup!

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Obama campaign accused of running illegal phone bank in Greenburgh

This is from Newsday:

President Obama's re-election team is under fire in Westchester County amid allegations it operated an illegal phone bank out of Greenburgh Town Hall.

Westchester Republicans say campaign staffers used the facility nine times over the past three months, as recently as last week. Doug Colety, chairman of the county's GOP faction, said campaign finance issues are at stake and that taxpayers are being ripped off. He has since called on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, a Democrat, has denied any wrongdoing. He said anyone, regardless of political background, can use the hall free of charge. However, he has asked the Obama campaign for reimbursement, which was paid in the form of a $900 check.

Feiner said he also has offered Mitt Romney's election team access to the building.

Schneiderman's office could not be reached for comment.

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Welcome to the YR Blog!

This is a new format for us!  Hopefully this will be chance for YR's to engage and share their perspectives.  I want encourage discussion on the issues of Westchester, the State of New York, and the country!  The YR officers will try to post something daily, if not, weekly.  Whether you agree or disagree with anything stated on this forum, please feel free to share your own views. 

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