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Merry Christmas America - Historical Perspective

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Introduction to Libertarianism

At our December membership meeting at Westchester GOP HQ, I mentioned that I have been dabbling with libertarian thought.  Here is a lecture from Professor Walter Block, giving a brief introduction to Libertarianism.  

Please feel free to sound off with your thoughts about this video, or let me know if you would like more resources!


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"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

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A New Republican Generation Gets Ready To Take Over (BuzzFeed)

Here is a great piece from Buzz Feed writer Zeke Miller:

In the hours after Barack Obama’s electoral rout of Mitt Romney, young Republican operatives in Washington, Boston, and around the country felt the same letdown as their bosses — the older crop who ran the losing campaigns of 2012.

But some of the younger generation — people in their twenties and thirties, digital natives, committed conservatives — reported another feeling: relief. The time had finally come to push aside the television-centric operatives who have run Republican campaigns for a generation, to reset the party’s values around race and sex, and to adapt its tactics to the era of Twitter. Politics has always been ruthlessly competitive, with one cycle’s guru the next cycle’s washed-up cable news commentator. Mentors have always had to keep an eye out for protégés wielding daggers. And now the daggers are out.

“Pretty much every relevant oldster consultant's strategy has been repudiated the last two presidential cycles,” said a young Republican operative reflecting on the heat of the campaign.

Tuesday’s election “was a clearing of old mind-sets,” said a second operative deeply immersed in the Romney campaign. “We just can’t keep running campaigns like we used to. Too often the tactical realities of trying to win in 2012 ran into the old maxims of campaigns run in the past.”

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The Moment

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Volunteers Needed for Final Push!

Anyone who wants to help make tomorrow a big day for the GOP in New York, we need volunteers to come to GOP headquarters in White Plains to make calls and Get Out the Vote!

Please stop by today, tonight, or tomorrow at any time to help out.

Also there will be an election night party tomorrow night at the Crown Plaza, at 9pm.  All are welcome to come celebrate!

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Bob Cohen will fight to save New York

Here is the letter that the Westchester YR's own, Ashley Ward, wrote to LoHud about candidate Bob Cohen:

I met Bob Cohen, state Senate candidate, a few times during his campaign and greatly appreciate that he is a refreshing change from the usual candidates. All too often, we have to choose between status quo politicians, but this is not the case with Bob. Conversely, Bob’s opponent has been in office for 25 years — my entire life — even though this career politician once favored term limits. This impresses me. I want someone to represent me who has had a real job.

Bob Cohen is exactly what we need in the state Senate, representing the 37th District. He has spent his career in the private sector, truly understands the challenges facing our businesses and families and wants to take his wisdom to Albany to push for bold change and reform. It is clear that Bob genuinely will fight to save New York state. He realizes how high taxes are driving people, especially my generation, out of New York. I’ve grown up in Westchester; every day I hear people say that the cost of living is too high and they may have to leave. The cause: New York has the highest taxes in country. Thankfully, Bob is ready to fight for tax relief and spending reductions.

It may be hard for Bob Cohen to fight the status quo in Albany, but on Election Day I will certainly be casting my vote for Bob and give him a chance to save my home and state.

Ashley Ward

New Rochelle

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One More Day to election day!  Reminds me of this great song from the broadway show Les Miserables:

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Help Support Joe Carvin for Congress 2012!!


Good Afternoon Everyone!
Thank  you to all of you who have come over to Headquarters to help with our GOTV Rally!

For those of you who missed this morning, we have currently started making our GOTV calls and we could really Use your help! We have uploaded a new script into our FLS system centered around pushing our supporters to the polls. We will be making calls tonight and all day Monday.
If you have a few hours to spare please support Joe and make some calls!
Remember your user name is your first initial and last name and the password is "carvin2012".
If you have any questions you can reach me at (914) 980-2886.


We have uploaded a new script and need your help making our GOTV phone calls for Joe Carvin to help ensure victory in the November election!  


As a phone bank volunteer for Joe, you have 2 options to join our team:


You can join us at Republican Headquarters and make calls here!

Address: 214 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 10:00am to 8:00pm

Monday and Tuesday: 9:00am to 8:00pm

Contact: Kelsey Dean (914) 980-2886


Remote Phone Banking from the convenience of your home!

With just a PC, you can easily log into to our phone bank and begin calling!


To request credentials and get a quick lesson on how to use the system simply respond back to info@carvin2012.comor contact:


Mark DelliColli 1-914-409-2653 


Please contact Mark or Kelsey if you are available to help to unseat Nita Lowey and send Joe Carvin to Congress for our District!  


**The Campaign's Phone Bank system allows you to use your cell phone WITHOUT BEING CHARGED FOR MINUTES**


Please forward this email to your friends and family who may want to assist.

Thanks in advance for your support!!!

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A Post-Halloween Scare

The ad above  The ad that was recently taken down by YouTube and is currently only a private video on Vimeo was created by the "Future Children Project" (the lyrics are below) is another despicable scare tactic thrown out by the left.  I think it gives a great view into what the left really believe is going to happen if Romney is elected next week.  Are they really teaching their children that Republicans are going to let sick people just die, have endless wars and kill polar bears?  This is such a desperate reach, who would actually allow their kids be in this ad?   Honestly, I think its a cheap shot to use kids in an ad, and our side is not without blame, here is a pro Romney video that the group Right Change put out.


What do you think? Is it okay to use kids in ads to garner sympathy?

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